The Shifting Laptop Market

You don’t own a laptop or a desktop or any such device that could be considered a personal computer. This blog is written on an 11 inch iPad Pro. The 30,000 (give or take) photos you produced since your first digital camera (a Fujifilm just for the record) are all stored in an Apple cloud somewhere and are accessible from iOS on any device. These pictures have backups on Flickr (unlimited storage). For more recent photos, Adobe is keeping copies. The chances of the Photos library disappearing are slim to none.

You do have a large collection of MP3s that you started converting 25 years ago. Probably one of the first heavy duty CPU usage on your Machintosh Performa was converting and sorting through mountains of CDs to MP3s. They all sound like rubbish these days. Instead, you spend your days connected to bluetooth headphones listening to the same music you have been interested in only using Spotify. Often you are reminded of a tune and have only, on a few occasions, have not been able to find them (Spotify is missing on some early Virgin Prunes albums for example).

The move to the cloud and the fact that most large companies now support their employees with a choice between a Windows and Apple laptop means that you have been living with a laptop, owned by your employer, but without the need to buy your own device. Strangely, Given that Apple’s market evaluation as of today is at 1.68 Trillion dollars, it seems that you do not symbolize a trend. In fact, according to this market analysis, Apple’s Laptop market share has grown in recent years.

How did we get here? You have no insight into the Apple boardroom, but the smart money is on the fact that large corporations buying Apple laptops for their employees is a much larger market than individual consumers. Corporations offering a choice to their employees also mean that people that did not use to buy Apple laptops are now using them.

It is fascinating how the move to the cloud freed this user from a laptop. Apple took the opportunity to sell an iPad Pro making up their lost revenue and your employer picked up the extra tab. Brilliance.

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