Sometimes you are lucky and sometimes you are really lucky. At some point during your very early years, dad walked into the apartment with what looked like a Singer sawing machine. It was not a sawing machine, but a computer. In fact, it was an Osborne-1. It was for sure a lot more mobile than the Control Data punch cards computers he spent his days with. And he brought it home. Best.Toy.Ever.

It must have been at some point between 1981 and 1983. Your memory is not exact on the year, but it does not matter. This was before you saved enough money for an Atari 800XL, that happy moment was 1985. But we digress, the Osborne-1 stood on the dinner table in the living room and was the coolest thing you ever saw. The keyboard opened from the bottom of the machine and it wad a tiny green screen. Way to get a pre-teen kid excited.

For some reason you think there was a game in there which was all the reason to learn how to operate the mobile computer. With rudimentary soap opera English at best and no typing skills yet loads of pre-teen time on your hands you still remember the excitement of getting the game to work (was it pong?) and the feeling of joy at figuring things out yourself.

Not much has changed. Building new things (teams, programs, products, solutions) and figuring things out, even the hard way, is, to this day, as exciting as getting that Osborne-1 to play a game.

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