Impossible Way Of Life

Often, especially on beautiful spring days when conference calls are piling and the window is slightly open, I get envious of people who find a way to turn their life into something that is completely supported and centered around riding bikes.  People like John Prolly, the nice couple of The Path Less Pedaled and the lovely Bicycle blog come to mind.  It seems like the best life style one can have – wake up, ride, eat, write, develop photos, eat, sleep, repeat.  Being immersed in not just the Internet side of biking, but also in actually riding bikes, touring, exploring, seems like an ideal way to spend life.

When I’m riding the perspective is different.  A weekday ride is always a quick breath of fresh air and time to think about work and life.  Weekend rides are like meditation.  They allow me to clear my head and to increase the endorphins.  A mountain-bike ride on single trails is a great way to forget about everything, to listen to your brain scream “focus!  don’t flinch!”. A tour is the best way to get to know any part of the planet – it’s an adventure in slow motion if you consider bungee jumping or white water rafting.  In essence these cycling activities are a way to balance every day life. They counter the hustle of ever day life: they mostly involve a small and dedicated group all focused on the same goal; they happen outside and not in an office or on a computer; they are physical;  and often, the best adventures, are those that are unplanned, the “look at this path, where is it heading” kinds, the “what can possibly go wrong” decisions and the “from here to there are so many kilometers, lets see when we get there.”

The bike needs the office and the office needs the bike.  They balance each other and make life round and complete.

Life, just like a bike, requires a rider who can balance.

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