The Search for a Mostly Slick Black 650B Tire at Around 50mm.

CompanyModelWeight (g)Cost (Euro)
Rene HerseSwitchback Hill Extra Light (650B x 48mm)41387
SchwalbeThunder Burt Evolution (650B x 53mm)52045
TeravailRAMPART (650B x 47mm)55049
WTBHorizon Road TCS (650B x 47mm)56439
DonnellyMSO (650B x 50mm)
VittoriaTerreno Zero (650B x 47mm)56035
Sim WorksThe Homage Tire (650B x 43mm)52060
PirelliCinturato Gravel Hard Terrain (650B x 45mm)51045
TerreneElwood Light Folding 650×47 Black46265
SomaCazadero (650B x 50mm) Black54065
SomaCazadero (650B x 42mm) Black47065

The search never ends, but the list above is a good resource.


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    Alex January 2, 2021

    Oops: you forgot the second best tire (meeting these requirements), after RH Switchback Hill: Continental Speed King RaceSport 55-584, 425g, or even the Continental Race King RaceSport 55-584 (which you still use? / tread is not really noticeable on pavement).

    • Reply
      Alex January 2, 2021

      I just got this post in my email – almost two months late! strange. That’s why I just answered today! HNY 2021!

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