The Great Disk Brake List

While building the Mudxium, I decided to try and figure out if there are alternatives to the old trusty Avid BB7 mechanical disk brakes. Don’t get me wrong, my Hunter uses Avid’s BB7, but if you’re going to build a new steel horse why not look at what’s in the market.
In recent years, especially since UCI announced that disk brakes are ok (and is now considering receding that rule), disk breaks for drop bars-type levers started appearing in the market.  As with every new technological development the competition is fierce and the market is experiencing some challenges.  This week TRP announced a STOP SALE on their Spyre models and Shimano, only a few months ago, did the same for the CX75 brakes (which is why the current model is called CX75).  You’d think that such recalls are only experienced by new comers but hey, Avid also announced a recall on Hydro-road brakes. Campagnolo, possibly the only big name that did not join the party just yet, just confirmed recently that they are working on disk brakes.  So with all these developments these are exciting time for a technology that is, in the mountain bike world, comfortably dominating.

The list below is by no mean an overview of everything that’s in the market.  There are other options, but I’ve focused on these guys since they are the market leaders and seem to appeal to folks who race.  For the record I do not belong to the Folks Who Race club.  All weights below are provided by manufacturer who, sadly, don’t always take great note of what does the weight include.

Company Model Weight (grams) Price (Euro) Comments
Avid BB7 329 48.95 The classic mechanical brakes
Avid BB7 Road S 197 108
Avid BB7 Road SL 170 105
Shimano CX77 152 69.95 Some sources claim that these don’t work well with Campy due to cable pull differences
Tektro Lyra 148 45.53
TRP HY/RD 195 135 Mechanical/Hybrid brake system
TRP Spyre SLC 146 94.50 Really narrow, dual sided. Just recalled by TRP
TRP Spyre 154 85.95 Really narrow, dual sided. Just recalled by TRP

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