So many bags, so little time

I have a little obsession with bags.  I started collecting Timbuk2 bags in 1994 in London and since them the bag collection just grew.  These days I’m looking for bike touring bags for two purposes:

  • Enable me to cary my camera in a location that makes snapping easy.
  • Does not require racks.

You see, Hunter has an amazing rack system that has already been tested by yours truly and is fantastic.  It uses a pair of low-riding Ortlieb panniers and is augmented by a Bailey Work D-Rack, and BikePack Fuel Tank.  But what about when I’m not touring, but going on a long ride with the Mudxium?  For that, I need a solution to cary some snacks, a camera, maybe a chance of clothes.

There are several small manufacturers that address this market.  Other than something like the Arkel Handle Bar bag which might just be sitting too high, there are not too many options.

Two options that do look attractive are Porcelain Rocket, JPaks and Revelate Designs.

So far I had nothing but good luck with Revelate.  I own both their mountain feed bag which is a great place to keep snacks for those long distance rides.  I also own one of their half frame bags which I will use, I promise, very soon.  So to round up the collection, I’m going to go with the Revelate Gas Tank and report later.


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