Riding and Walking

As part of the daily routine you start by a quick ride to the office. The commute to the home office, part of the “Bookend your Day” rule (see this post), often also involve running one or two errands. It is pretty useful to have shoes that are not only clipless, a confusing term which actually means “attach to your pedals”, but also feature a wonderful capability called walking.

There are not too many such shoes as it turns out. The absolute market leader used to be Chrome Industries, but they are currently updating their SPD shoes offering so alternatives are needed.

The list below is by no mean complete, but these are great options to consider. Some might be hard to get in Europe, but at least the Quoc and Pedaled are brands associated with Europe so getting them might be easier. DZR are San Francisco based.


  • https://quoc.cc
  • https://pedaled.com/eu_en/men-riding-cycling-boots-brown-mido
  • DZR Shoes https://dzrshoes.com


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