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Digging Colorado

I’ve been digging what seems to be a very open minded road bike scene in Colorado of late.  Other than the obvious Moots, my current object of affection, perhaps as my road bike project is getting on the way, is Mosaic Cycles.  There are others in Colorado, like Kent Eriksen, but I find the Mosaic road bikes hella cheeky and sexy.  They scream more adventure and mischief than most road bikes one sees.

The Nutter Bicycle Multi-tool

This multi-tool, from a kiwi designer behind The Full Windsor, is looking to fulfill both smart, durable and “has great user interface” requirements which many tools are lacking.  I’m not one to spread hate, but I am less than impressed with my Park Tool MTB 3.2 which has everything, but fell apart after a few days (I was able to rebuild it) and generally seems to offer too much without much quality.

This might just have to get on my shopping list.

Rick Hunter Workshop Visit

Come in, take a tour in Rick’s workshop.  WOW.  Just…wow.

Longing for Mountains

Helmets made in Italy and beautiful video. What’s not to love?  The Church that the riders visit is the Madonna del Ghisallo, saint patron of cyclist.  It is located at Magreglio, near Como Lake.  Now that could be a nice target for a tour…