Breaking The Routine

Since the global pandemic started, many of us have been working from home, keeping to the same time zone and meeting colleagues on zoom calls. Since the spread of SARS-CoV-2 you fell into a routine that is great for productivity but not ideal for creativity.

So when the crew asked who is up for a session of #CoffeeOutside it was a great opportunity to break the routine and start the day very differently. Instead of the typical morning routine, you got on the bike, packed a coffee kit and field stove, some home made cookies, and rode out to a lake to meet the crew.

The weather was perfect and the lake blue as the sky. Everyone brought food from home such that a smorgasbord breakfast outdoors was formed. 6 coffee kits were set out and a great chat was had by everyone.

On the way home, you feel rejuvenated. It was only an hour outdoors with about 30 minutes ride to the lake and 30 minutes ride back. That little change in the routine, seeing some people in real life, enjoying coffee next to a lake, are all the ingredients of a small change that leaves a large impact. Having a routine is great. One can only break the routine is one has a routine.

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